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Increasing the power to serve our clients

Vance Wright Adams And Associates & Pipitone Group Announce Merger

We're proud to announce our merger with Pipitone Group, and that our commitment to creative results, customer service and excellence in all we do continues. The integration of these two companies adds enormous value to the client base of both organizations, now collectively known as Pipitone Group. Learn More »

About VWA

The Business of Design

Print design, graphic design, web design, mobile apps, social media, exhibits and trade shows; Vance Wright Adams And Associates is a Pittsburgh-based design firm with the in-house expertise to offer a full suite of services to our clients.

Successfully serving our clients since 1974, we know that "The Business of Design" is achieving success for you.

Our Work

Rolling with the Times

Change. We've seen a lot of it over the past forty years, and the mutable nature of design ensures more is on the horizon. Our capacity to embrace change has been the key to our lasting success, through evolving technologies of print design to the birth and growth of digital media.

The examples presented in our portfolio represent merely a small fraction of our complete body of work, please contact us for examples specific to your project.

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What's New?

VWA Reimagines ImaginePittsburgh.com

After a five-month collaborative effort with the Allegheny Conference, the new ImaginePittsburgh.com launches

Twenty Years Later, Vance Wright Adams Recalls the Streamlined Penguins Logo

Twenty years ago, Penguins owner Howard Baldwin chose VWA to design a bold new logo and set of uniforms.

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The Business of Design

It takes vision and successful design to grow your business. For nearly 40 years, we've been building our own success on award-winning creative excellence.

The Timeless Medium

Pixels can only take you so far. When you need real-world impact, rely on our passion for ink, paper, layout, unmatched customer service and a printed finished product that speaks for itself.

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Trade shows and exhibits put your brand out there, up close and personal. When there's no place to hide, count on our experience to bring design, message, logistics and collateral together for maximum impact.

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Design the Experience

When you need to make a point - or sale - online, depend on our understanding of branding and technology to make the web experience effortless, purposeful and worthwhile.

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Brand the Conversation

More than ever, customers are now a vocal part of the brand conversation. Our social and branding expertise will keep your image consistent and channel the dialog your way.

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The Power of Portable

The smartest, most powerful new medium demands its own strategies. Rely on our
multi-channel branding knowledge to reinforce your message on mobile - and deliver on the promise.

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Crack the Code

Drill down. Enrich. Engage. Use our cutting-edge technologies and skills in cross-platform tools like QRC for a consistent experience that converts browsers into buyers.

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